Oh, dear. Today’s Petraeus scandal revelations (will they ever end?) were just begging for mockery. First, salacious emails, numbering in the tens of thousands. Next, the entrance of an “unstable twin” into the soap opera mix. It follows, then, that happy warriors would find a way to giggle madly through their disgust. And so they did.

The always hilarious Iowa Hawk got the ball (heh) rolling with #Pauladoesthepentagon.


Bow chicka heh heh. Hey, if we don’t find ways to keep giggling, we’ll all curl up in the corner and cry!

Next up, came #PetraeusPornTitles. Dim the lights, put on some smooth jazz … and giggle madly.


And actor Adam Baldwin with the early win.


More, please, Twitter! (That’s what she said?)