Did the Left learn nothing from the attempted pathetic boycott of Chick-fil-A? Apparently not, since the party of “no bullying” is now trying to bully Papa John’s for the crime of trying to remain in business. Oh, the horror!

As Twitchy reported, they called for a boycott when Papa John’s joined the growing chorus of businesses that are responding to the crushing effects of Obamacare by mulling cutting workers’ hours. Applebee’s was also targeted, after a franchisee contemplated a hiring freeze. In the deluded and wilfully ignorant minds of liberals, this calls for boycotting the business to try to make it go totally under. That’s helpful!

Papa John’s was also attacked as racist, natch. Race-baiting is always the go-to response by the Left. Thankfully, many are no longer falling for it. The boycott? They are doing it wrong. Again.





Huh. People still seem to be eating delicious Papa John’s! And, like after the pitiful Chick-fil-A boycott attempt, citizens are rallying around Papa John’s with plans for a National Appreciation Day.


Don’t forget to take pictures, all! We are still grinning widely at the memory of these amazing photos from Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!

This Twitter user has a fabulous idea.

Yep. They still don’t understand that elections have consequences. Do they plan to boycott everyone? Based on the growing number of businesses, large and small, that are being forced to lay off workers, cut their hours or institute hiring freezes, they’d have to.

Of course, they can’t boycott these small businesses: They, sadly, are closing up shop. Elections, they have tragic consequences.

We stand with Papa John’s and every business that is struggling in the wake of Obama’s business-crushing policies. National Appreciation Day? Heck, yes. Y’all built that.