Even in victory, Obama cultists like Beyoncé continue to bitterly cling to their hate.

More from the Daily Mail:

Beyoncé, who put all her support behind the US President to ensure that he got voted in for a second term, decided to throw his victory in the face of Republicans by posting a picture of a handwritten note saying: ‘TAKE THAT MITCHES.’

Typical. Wonder if she got the idea from the DNC staffer who oh-so-graciously said “It’s Constitutional, bitches” after The Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare?

Wonderland Magazine “loved” it. As did many fellow travelers; Twitter is buzzing with “take that, Mitches.” Screenwriter Ryan Murphy echoes her classy sentiment.


And New York Magazine doubled, then tripled, down on the classlessness.

Typical. How sad to be so bitter and nasty even in victory. More of that “revenge” that President Obama demanded, huh?


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