Actress Stacey Dash graciously tweeted out well wishes to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for “fighting the good fight” last night. As Twitchy has reported, Ms. Dash has stood strong in her support for Romney and Ryan, in the face of  incredibly venomous hate:

She’s also standing with fellow actress Melissa Joan Hart.

To the sane, Dash’s tweet to Romney and Ryan last night could not be described as anything but gracious and kind. To the unhinged, bitter and venomous even when President Obama won his re-election bid, it was cause to spew the most vile hate. Again.

President Obama, leading by example: these supporters are serving up “revenge.” Once again, wishes for her death.

And vile filth, of course mixed with misogyny, repulsive racial slurs and epithets.


Indeed, it is. Conservative women and conservative minorities are the targets of the most vicious hate. Ms. Dash is on the receiving end of this vicious hate and stands strong. In fact, she remains a happy warrior.

We stand with you, Ms. Dash.