As Twitchy has reported, threats against Mitt Romney exploded on this election day. Threats against women who voted for Romney also escalated; they deserve to die, you see, in the sick minds of some.

Now, other Twitter users are threatening to hunt down and kill Romney voters.

Thankfully, Twitter has apparently suspended the user who originally tweeted that threat: @chemicalkiid.

Some don’t want to get their morally bankrupt hands dirty, so they wish that Romney voters will kill themselves.

And still others are threatening to “fuck shit up,” if Romney wins the election.

And this “man” takes the soulless cake.

Absolutely vile.

Seek help, please. Many of these tweets are likely just sick and twisted fantasies, but any threat of violence cannot be shrugged off. Nor can we hide from such intimidation. This Twitter user refused to be intimidated.

As always, sunlight is the best disinfectant.