Can you feel the tolerance? That’s right: If you are a woman and you vote for Romney, some on the loving Left hope you will be raped.

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, they do.

Twitter users are out in force to hurl vile attacks at women who are voting for Mitt Romney. Of course, there are the predictable insults.

But, even more despicably, these people think you deserve to die. Is that their morally bankrupt idea of “revenge?”


And, an oh-so-classy attack.

Of course, they then try to  take away your very gender, conservative women. You don’t “count” as real women, you see. These arbiters of what a woman should be say so!

And some more calls for violence against women, self-inflicted or otherwise.

And this cretin takes the disgusting cake.

This is the Left, ladies. Continue to use your lady smarts, not your lady parts. The Left not only tries to reduce you to your lady parts only, but they then hope you die if you don’t comply with their demands. Wow, how empowering.

Absolutely repugnant. Remember this, ladies.