Truth doesn’t matter to MSNBC, silly! That’s right, the hacks at MSNBC pulled a Reuters and carried heavy water for Obama by twisting around his revenge comment in an attempt to slam Romney for it. Look at the fallacious headline, tweeted out by MSNBC.

Hacktastic! And it gets worse.

Yep. You see, there is yet another new entry in the Handbook of Racial Code Words. Pointing out someone’s use of the word revenge? Totally racist.

More from the shameless lapdogs at MSNBC:

Mitt Romney’s campaign shifted gears Saturday to add a new eleventh hour attack line to the candidate’s closing argument, going after President Obama’s declaration on the stump Friday that “voting is the best revenge.”

The strategy appears designed to stoke enthusiasm among conservatives, by playing on existing far-right criticisms of Obama, including the notion that he harbors race-based resentment against America.

So pitiful that it would almost be hilarious. If, you know, it wasn’t so disgusting. If anyone is fueling race-based anything, it is the lapdogs in the media. Their bias is now media malpractice.

Twitter users rightly give MSNBC the business.

How stupid? Perhaps they think y’all are as stupid as Chris “Tingles” Matthews. He doubled-down on the idiocy, and on the reprehensible race-baiting, once again proving that his “tingle” has moved into what passes for his brain.

More on the totally delusional Matthews from Mediaite:

Wagner asked Matthews to weigh in on the theme of “revenge,” which PresidentBarack Obama inserted into the dialogue when he told a crowd that “voting is the best revenge.” Matthews admitted he did not know where the theme of “revenge” came from. When told by Wagner that Obama had invoked it first on the stump, Matthews criticized Mitt Romney for running with it. He said it was “of a piece” with the “dirty talk” and the “ethnic stuff” that he believes the Romney campaign has been stoking for some time.

After Wagner played a clip of Mitt Romney rehashing a line that president Obama said on the campaign trail — that “voting is the best revenge” — Matthews admitted that he was unaware how the “revenge” theme had come from.

Whatever! Pesky things like facts don’t matter. He doesn’t know who actually brought up the talk of revenge, but if Romney points it out? RAAAACIST.

Seriously, watch him in all his unhinged glory.

Running scared! And this Twitter user has a good idea for her own (probably racist, natch) revenge.

Make it happen. Let’s make sure that Tuesday night will delicious.