Wow. When members of the media admit the crowds are massive, you know there is momentum afoot. And that momentum, and Paul Ryan, rocked it in Minnesota yesterday.

Indeed! Crowd estimates were between 9,000 and 10,000.

And that was just inside. Take a look at the overflow crowd outside.

And more from inside: Rep. Michele Bachmann was in attendance.

Also making an appearance? Obama’s empty chair.


Yes. Unlike Biden supporters. Speaking of Biden, take a gander at his crowds (term used loosely) over the past couple of days.

Oh, dear. Some of the bleachers didn’t even need to be opened up into seating. Bless his heart!

“Trickle” is awfully generous.

Momentum? Team Romney and Ryan have it.

Update: Oh, dear. Biden flops again. Even worse, this time.