Oh, dear. Newark Mayor Cory Booker tweeted that it is not true that New Jersey voters affected by Hurricane Sandy can vote via fax or email. Twitter users, of course, believe him.

But, what’s this? Governor Christie tweeted the opposite: Voting by email and fax will be available to Hurricane Sandy affected voters.

Other Twitter users were quick to point out Booker’s false information.

Confusion, indeed. Cory Booker, unintentional vote suppressor!


More from The Atlantic:

Less than a week after the storm — and just three days before Election Day — New Jersey officials have announced that they will allow those displaced from their homes and first responders to submit their votes by email or fax. A directive issued by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno officially designated displaced New Jersey residents as “overseas voters,” thus giving them the electronic voting option already available to New Jersey residents serving in the military. In addition, displaced voters and first responders may also vote by provisional ballot at any New Jersey polling location.

Maybe it’s Mayor Booker who needs to do some fact-checking.

Update: Looks like Mayor Booker may fact-check himself shortly.

Update: Whoops! As Twitchy reported, his initial claim was completely false.


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