Yes, yes you did. President Obama is stumping in Wisconsin today.

Hurl. But that was just the start of the disgust.

Yep, it was old, boring and predictable. But, there was one statement that reached epic levels of delusion.

Outrageous. Either he is completely delusional or his lying pants are totally on fire. Likely, it’s both.

What about this, President Obama?

But, but … decimated! Citizens on Twitter rightfully give President Obama the business over his incompetence-proving remark.

Sorry, the Obama administration was too busy ignoring the memo that told them al-Qaida was surrounding the consulate in Benghazi. Maybe now we know why: They couldn’t possibly have been. Obama says they are decimated!

Perhaps the Smartest Man Alive ™ just doesn’t know what the word means?

And this Twitter user sums it up.

Yes, he does. Let’s make it happen on November 6.