Rumor is now NewSpeak for “anything stupid that President Obama says.” You see, President Obama’s super awesome plan includes creating a Secretary of Business. Because, you know, not enough bureaucracy is the problem. And silly rubes don’t understand the nuance-y nuance between a Secretary of Business and Secretary of Commerce. To be fair, at least he didn’t make it a Czar this time.

Twitter users, including Secretary Rumsfeld, were quick to point out the idiocy of President Obama’s idea.

Today, Romney is out with a new ad, rightfully slamming the ridiculous notion. And guess what? Little lapdog Chuck Todd of NBC/MSNBC was at the ready to wag his tail and bury a bone for Obama.

Oh, it was just a rumor, you see! When President Obama specifically says something, it didn’t actually happen until the lapdogs convene and decide if he actually meant it or not. Until then? Just a rumor, you wingnuts!

More from The Huffington Post:

Speaking to the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday, Obama said a Secretary of Business would serve to consolidate several commerce-related government agencies, a plan he originally proposed in January.

“We should have one Secretary of Business, instead of nine different departments that are dealing with things like getting loans to SBA [the Small Business Administration] or helping companies with exports,” Obama said Monday. “There should be a one-stop shop.”

Nothing to see here, move along. Obama saying, “We should have one Secretary of Business” doesn’t actually mean he said we should have one Secretary of Business. It’s just a rumor!

More Twitter users give pitiful Chuck Todd the business.

Todd then tries to walk it back. Y’all don’t get his nuance-y nuance, either!

He fails.


As for Romney’s ad on this “rumor?” Boom!

“Why not have a president who actually understands business?” a narrator in the ad says. “Under Obama, millions of people can’t find work. And more families on welfare and a record number of Americans on food stamps. Mitt Romney understands business, knows how to create jobs and get our economy moving. He’s done it before, he can do it again.”