Oh, dear. If there was ever a time for “bless her precious heart,” this is it. The often hurl-worthy Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post seemingly tweeted that genius remark this morning (the account is unverified).

Okay, maybe it doesn’t top her sickening ode to President Obama  few years ago. But, it’s close. The Parker Twitter account followed it up with some swooning over Newark Mayor Cory Booker as well. Squee! He’s so dreamy!

Twitter users crossed their respective political aisles to join together … in mocking. So, there’s that! Kathleen Parker’s idiocy brings people together! Is Ms. Parker betting that people are thinking “President Bloomberg?” Well, Twitter users are united in betting that Ms. Parker is cuckoo pants.

Read, and giggle madly.


Could it be a parody account?

Hmm. The account was linked as the real Ms. Parker’s by Fox News last month.

Either way, Twitter users continue to offer some hilarious mockery. It’s hard to tell if it is a parody or not; That’s what happens when one becomes a self-parody all on her own.


Zing! Remember that one? CNN booted Ms. Parker and kept Eliot Spitzer. Oh, the shame.

And, win.