Oh, dear. Poor Davey seems to have his creepy briefs in a spin-tastic, panic-stricken twist. Polls are turning, newspaper endorsements are flipping. But he has “cold, hard data.” At high noon. Or something.

Could the tidal wave of newspaper endorsements for Mitt Romney, including the Des Moines Register,  have anything to do with it, perhaps? Shockingly, he didn’t parrot Stephanie Cutter’s line about the Des Moines Register not being based in reality. Cutter’s reality is in Bizarro world, evidently.

But, wait! Guess what? Obama might totally win Massachusetts! David Axelrod and other members of Team Obama up the stompy foot idiocy by breathlessly touting The Boston Globe as an arbiter of who is winning. No, for reals! They are actually bitterly clinging to The Boston Globe.

Twitter users are gasping for breath.





And, wait, what’s this?

Here is some “cold, hard data” for you, sweetie.

And what about the battleground state Ohio?

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Rasmussen now has Romney at 50 and Obama at 48 in Ohio.

Yes, we will. On the plus side, Axelrod, the egg on your face may cover that unfortunate mustache.