columnist and best-selling author, Katie Pavlich, took to Twitter to report on typical vicious intolerance from the Left. Her brother, a college student, put a Romney bumper sticker on his car. Unhinged libs then vandalized his car, keying it and ripping all stickers off of it. They also damaged and ripped off his license plate.

When at war, you want the indispensable Katie Pavlich in your corner. Fight like a girl, baby! Twitter users express disgust, yet no surprise, at the despicable actions of the Left. Many relay their own similar experiences.

This Twitter lib has the gall to call it “fake.”

Really? This is a pattern of behavior by the unhinged Left that has been shown over and over again. And, it continues.

This woman is not taking it anymore and is not backing down.

Brava, lady! November 6 can’t come soon enough.

New tone? Same as the old tone: Unhinged, violent and intolerant.