Sigh. Donald Trump’s big announcement, which he’s been hawking for days, is set to be revealed at high noon!

Some have predicted that the “bombshell” is twenty year old divorce papers between Michelle and Barack Obama.

Twitter users are not anxiously awaiting the news.

But, the media, of course, are shouting Squirrel!


Twitchy will, of course, monitor this story. The things we do, so you don’t have to! We’ll update with the “bombshell.” At high noon.


Update. You can watch the “announcement” live. If, you know, you want to.

Press release to follow.

Double sigh.

The announcement? That Donald Trump is once again desperately craving attention. He and President Obama sure do have narcissism in common!

No, really. That was the bombshell. Trump will cough over cash money for transcripts. Or something.

What actually is priceless? Twitter mockery.

Yes, there is that.

Oh, no. Just stop, Donald.