Sigh. As Twitchy reported, Drudge teased the insertion of perpetual grievance-monger Gloria Allred into the presidential campaign. Ever since, much speculation and mockery abounded. It was reported last night, that Allred would show up in Boston today to unleash her October suprise. Or October dud.

More from Ace of Spades:

Long story short, although Maureen Sullivan Stemberg had a pretty big settlement, in normal human terms, it wasn’t a mega-settlement, and her ex-husband wound up mega-rich. And she seems to have spent a lot of it on contesting the settlement itself. And then she was hit with medical problems.
So, she wants more money.

So the 2006 version of this story was put out, it seems, to pressure Romney to pressure Stemberg to open his wallet and voluntarily agree to increase Sullivan Stemberg’s support.

So, basically, it’s to gin up faux War on Women outrage. Stemberg didn’t receive enough money, because dastardly Romney. Naturally, some who focus on lady parts, not lady smarts, are falling for it.

Wow! How they empower women … by attempting to diminish women with whom they disagree to the point that they try to take their very gender away. You’ve come a long way, baby!

Ridiculous. Ace sums it up.

And I think the devious Ms. Allred is playing the media (and Drudge) for fools in what is simply a straight money play.

Stoke up interest by suggesting this is a ROMNEY SCANDAL and hope that that serves to open the vault.

And I Repeat… This is 25 year old divorce.

Of course, absolute absurdity doesn’t stop the inane Ms. Allred. She is bitterly clinging to relevance, and failing. She hit the courtroom this morning, as predicted.

Heh. Because, Gloria Allred.

To her credit, that’s at least 30 more than Sandra Fluke had in attendance at her rally. So, there’s that.

There is only one thing that can make this ridiculous travesty palatable. How about a nice hashtag?

And some snark.

Yes, lapdogs. What about that?

Jammie Wearing Fool has a great reminder.

But, no matter. He has his go-to excuse.

Or, he knows three Gloria Allreds.

Keep digging, Left. When all you have left is Gloria Allred and her ridiculous duds? Game over.