Note: Tries to top her audience of ten. It is MSNBC and all, so the audience could still be in the ones. As Twitchy reported, Sandra Fluke totally got out the vote for President Obama. She inspired voters so much, that crowds numbering in the ones showed up. Of course, this resulted in instant comedy classics like #CrowdsLargerThanSandraFlukes.

The hilarity continued when she announced her MSNBC appearance this morning. Behold: When Fluke and MSNBC mockery collide!

Heh. Oh, and guess who is at fault for no one wanting  to attend her rallies? Republicans, natch.

Oh, honey. No one is silencing you. In fact, Republicans want you to keep prattling on; you are hurting Obama! It’s not their fault that you can’t even fill a parking space at a grocery store. Maybe you didn’t learn this in your fancy pants law school, but there is a difference between being silenced and no one wanting to hear your inane ramblings.

Bingo. A Julia, through and through.

And, some ick to wrap things up. Meggie Mac joined her.

And their love affair continued. Again.

Squee! Will she be at the birthday bash? Wait, can she handle such a crowd?

Oh, snap!

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