Sigh. Another Hollywood lib needs schooling and Michelle Malkin is, as always, up to the task. Holly Robinson Peete had her panties in a twist today over Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin’s epic schooling of lady parts obsessed Sophia Bush. Ms. Robinson Peete has had a bee in her Hollyweird bonnet for days, though. It started when Michelle Malkin was exposing the idiocy of the Left’s attempted Tagg Romney narrative, while also calling out the vulgar and sexist Eva Longoria.

That’s right. And these alleged #womensupportingwomen ignore the vicious bile spewed at conservative women, always. Holly Marie Combs gets in on the act, too.

Clear explanations are still hard, apparently. Because Ms. Robinson Peete then went on to attack Michelle Malkin as a mother a couple of days later.

From “just a blogger” to “just a mom blogger.” Silly real world moms! You aren’t allowed to use your minds nor stand up for your beliefs. In fact, you can’t even have beliefs. Just focus on contemplating your uteri and stuff.

How dare she? Is that how the oh-so-loving and tolerant Left empower women? By attacking them as mothers, thus also attacking their children? Robinson Peete, and Combs, continue “empowering” women by diminishing others today.

And some irony.

Err. You mean like that passive-aggressive tweet? And, again she demeans mothers. Know your places, conservative women: The kitchen. And it must not be used for anything but making a liberal man a sammich. He knows best. You just sit in the kitchen and look purty.

Holly Marie Combs whips out the bully card.

Hilarious. No, it’s fighting back. Some Hollywood libs just need schooling and you two are among that class. “Just a mom bloggers” are just the ones to serve you up a nice plate of detention.

And a bad mother, natch. For the horrible crime of having your own thoughts and beliefs and for standing up for them. Teaching daughters to be independent and strong, and to use their lady smarts, not lady parts.  But women who dismiss mothers and attack them? #WomenSupportingWomen. Because, vagina. Of course, only if it’s the right kind of vagina.

They won’t. And they won’t ever stand up for all women. They’d rather be perpetual grievance-mongers … from their Hollyweird elitist towers.


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