An epic take-down, indeed. New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie helped fire up the crowd at a rally for Romney in Virginia this weekend.

That Twitter user wasn’t the only one loving him some Chris Christie.

And here’s why: Check out his inspiring speech and epic drubbing of President Obama’s failures.

Christie wondered why on earth President Obama thinks anyone would give him another four years, after Obama himself claimed that he can’t change Washington from the inside the White House. He added that what we need to do is give President Obama a plane ticket back to Chicago. Swoon!

More from Jammie Wearing Fool:

Christie continued to question Obama’s leadership, explaining that the President would rather blame everyone else for his failures.

“‘It’s anybody’s fault but mine.’ he says, ‘Please, give me another four years, and I will figure it out,’” Christie added, channeling the President.

“You know what, Mr. President?” Christie added. “I am tired of waiting for you to figure it out.”

To the video tape!

Watch the whole thing; he’s fabulous.

You know he got to the Left when the loving and tolerant are starting with the lame and offensive fat jokes once again.


Kudos, Governor Christie! Keep it coming.