Did Senator Durbin equate the deaths of four Americans in Libya with a football game? Is he that morally bankrupt? It seems so.

Unreal. First, the four Americans killed were just “bumps in the road.” Then, they didn’t matter at all, according to lying liar who lies Stephanie Cutter. No one would care at all, you see, if it wasn’t for that dastardly Romney bitterly clinging to human decency.

Then, their deaths were “not optimal,” according to President Obama. The moral bankruptcy is staggering.

Durbin continued his fail throughout his appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” Spinning like the wind no longer works; Americans are onto you.

Shouldn’t be “politicized.” But, Reagan! Senator Durbin is the one grossly politicizing murdered Americans, and dismissing their deaths.


Indeed. Let’s change that in November.

Update: Flashback to another morally bankrupt and unhinged Durbin remark. Remember when he likened Gitmo military staff to Nazis, Soviet gulag operators and Pol Pot?