Actor Russell Crowe doesn’t endorse politicians. He only swoons over them in a cult-like fashion. Obama is “the light and the future!!11111” Good grief. The deification of Obama is beyond creepy.

Crowe continues the creep with prattling about “global awareness” and such. He’s a Citizen of the World ™, you see. And his world revolves around Man-God Obama.

Oh, our sides! By truth, he means brain-washed cultist beliefs.

Leading by example … from behind? Oh, honey. No talkies. Just sit there and look purty.

Huh. The “light and the future” isn’t an endorsement? Perhaps Crowe was just typing out passages from his tear-stained diary?

What set off this super-creepy endorsement? Oh, a hissy fit is all.

Forced! By “hijacking.” Or, you know, by a simple error that in the mind of someone sane would be no big whoop.

And, he ups the hissy with blocking. Russell Crowe bravely runs away!

How dare anyone mistakenly believe he supports that dastardly Romney! For that, they must pay! Crowe continues to stomp his out of touch feet.

By throwing phones like a big boy?

Stop, Twitter! You are abusing him with … your thoughtful opinions.

He’ll get you back; by blocking like a man!

Aww. Wittle Wussell was scared!

Heh. Yes, clearly Mr. Crowe can’t handle it at all. Twitter users then decide to teach Mr. Crowe a little something about reality outside of an Ivory Tower.

Lady smarts, not lady parts!

And this Twitter user sums it all up.

Indeed. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but Mr. Crowe totally abuses the privilege.

UpdateHashtag hilarity as conservatives launch #RussellCroweMovies

Update: He’s still whining about “abuse!” Oh, sweetie. Put on your big boy pants.