Oh, my. Newsweek is killing its print edition and will go all-digital.

We know; it is a surprise that Newsweek still sort of exists.

More from Newsweek’s Twitter feed.

Oh, our aching sides! It’s so cute that Newsweek thinks what it does is journalism! But, an important question remains: Who will think of the Gay-lo covers? Oh, the humanity! Twitter users react to the news as only they can.

Yes, but it was surely expected. A magazine cannot alienate a huge chunk of its customer base and expect to be successful. The partisan hack and femma-gogue extraordinaire Tina Brown just made it worse.

That it did. Gee, we wonder why?


With “writers” like the deplorable Michelle Goldberg, what more did they expect?

Ari Fleischer wonders if they will still have White House briefing room access.

And Sean Trende sums it all up.

Well, that and the fact that Newsweek is just awful. Some predict what the final cover will be.

And how will the all-digital version fare?