Stop it, Mrs. Obama! We can’t even catch our breaths! The giggles, they burn! Michelle Obama totally pulled a lying liar Stephanie Cutter today. She followed her lead and, in a gut-busting move, claimed that President Obama has never pointed fingers nor placed blame during his first term. No, seriously. She said that.

More from The Hill:

First lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that President Obama did not look to blame others for the challenges he faced as president, an apparent rebuke to Republican accusations that the White House continues to point the finger at President George W. Bush for the lagging economy.

“See, but your president, he didn’t point fingers,” Mrs. Obama said, at a campaign fundraiser in New York. “He didn’t place blame. Instead, he got to work, because he was thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother. See, and that’s why he cut taxes for small businesses and for working families because he believes that in America, teachers and firefighters should not pay higher tax rates than millionaires and billionaires.”

Delusional, much? President Pass the Buck has done nothing but point fingers and place blame! Also, “work” doesn’t mean what she thinks it means, evidently. Good grief, people even know to drink every time President Obama blames Bush!

More Twitter users can’t believe her audacity. Is she that delusional? Or is Stephanie “Stephanocchio” Cutter rubbing off on them all?

President Obama’s fingers do nothing but point. Well, unless they are curled around a golf club, of course.