Wow. Another sign of a Romney surge? In answer to the question, in 2008 The New York Observer endorsed Barack Obama.

Some can’t even really believe it; this was not expected.

Heh. Legit, it is! And meaningful, as the paper does not have a conservative bent.

The endorsement is a devastating critique of Obama’s presidency.

More from The New York Observer:

Class warfare might be a successful strategy for cobbling together 270 electoral votes. But it’s not the way to unite a divided nation.
The president comes to town on a Monday, takes our money, shakes our hands and tells us how much he values the CEOs and innovators of New York. And then on Tuesday, he turns around and refers to business leaders as fat cat bankers whose success was created by the sweat of others. That’s not a friend. That’s not a leader. That’s a politician.

Mitt Romney stands out because—unlike so many candidates in the past—he understands how to build businesses, create efficiencies, make tough deals and carefully consider divergent viewpoints. America needs a strong leader, a practical leader. Mr. Romney knows full well that it would be a tragic mistake to simply assume that the United States will continue to be the world’s economic powerhouse simply because that’s what we’ve been for decades. America earned its global prominence because of the nation’s culture of work and individual freedom. That’s why immigrants came here and continue to come here—not because they seek a handout, but because they want a chance to work and to create and to innovate. In today’s competitive economy, the country needs competitors, not class-war crybabies.

Boom! Seriously, read the whole thing. Liberals are frantically trying to spin it away as meaningless. And, of course, are trying to vilify the paper.

Oh, it means nothing. Because, Trump or something. But, wait, what’s this?

Another sign of a shift?

Heh. November is looking better and better.