Oh, dear. He’s ready for a vigorous debate and questions from all corners? Then why the debate rules, Davey?

Of course, it is framed as “tough follow-up” from Crowley. What that really means is “shilling for Obama.” How sad is it that Obama is so incompetent, that they are afraid softball questions will be too hard for him?

Mark Knoller explains, and he’s none too happy.

NRO’s Jim Geraghty gets to the bottom of the debate rules.


This, of course, led to much hilarity as Twitter users come up with debate conditions that were rejected.


Thank goodness that one was rejected! We already have our game set: Every time Obama says “Uh” or “Um.” Be sure to eat well first, or you will be faced in short order!

More, please, Twitter. A debate condition that has not been rejected: Lots of happy warrior snark required.