What is the feckless David Frum concern trolling about now? Sure, it’s a given that he will be concern trolling every day. But what has his craven briefs in a twist today? Oh, just the latest absurdity from the media lapdogs. Today, they said “Hey, isn’t it about time we breathlessly push a 1964 “scoop” about Romney’s dad?” The most pressing issue of our time: What George Romney did or did not do in 1964.

No, really.

WaPo’s Chris Cillizza pushes it out.

And it’s a wonder that the always biased “reporters” at BuzzFeed haven’t fainted due to hyperventilation from breathlessness.

Stop. The. Presses.

The scandal! Almost 50 years ago, George Romney allegedly did not walk out on Goldwater’s nomination! Oh, well. Game changer! The only thing missing is yet another ominous BuzzFeed “reporter” tweet about Romney’s motorcade passing a confederate flag.

Other members of the media quickly join in the absurd attempt to turn nonsensical pearl-clutching into a huge scoop.

Ooooh, now Ann is involved. The scandal deepens! Dave Weigel is now apparently an armchair psychologist, or he plays one on Twitter.

Esquire, CBS and The Fishwrap of Record join in.

Think the story is nonsense and has no bearing on anything at all? Silly rubes! The press decides what is news. And now, evidently, dads matter. So, are they ready to vet Obama’s dad? Happy warriors want to know. They also rightly mock members of the media for their blatant double standards. They aren’t even trying to hide their hypocrisy now!

To be fair, it’s hard to actually use your mind when you are too busy focusing on all the heavy water you are carrying.

Bingo. And what about President Obama’scomposite” biography? Shut up, wing nuts!

Hello, sanity!


Exactly. It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

And the always awesome BuzzFeed parody account sums it all up.

Indeed. Keep digging, lapdogs. You aren’t digging up scoops. You are merely exposing yourselves.