Sigh. Another Obama cultist celebrity sneering at those with whom she disagrees. Actress Melanie Griffith has no valid points, so she must resort to the super lame “ZOMG, they are so meany pants and negative!” The only thing missing is that she neglected to use “ReThuglicans.” You are slipping, Melanie!

That tweet came after her ridiculous Biden swooning last night.

And look who she spent debate night with?

That’s right. The oh-so-classy and fellow creepy cultist, Eva Longoria.

Look, Ms. Griffith: Republicans are the compassionate ones. They want people to succeed and they do not sneer at their success. They do not wish to enslave people to the government teat, from cradle to grave. They respect women and do not consider them the sum of their girly bits only. They respect and care for all people. They don’t seek to tether them to Big Daddy Government in order to get or maintain power.

That’s compassion, toots. And if you want to see negativity and meanness, just look in the Democrat mirror. New tone? Hardly.

Bingo. Plus, query. What jackassery! Why don’t you “query” this man, Melanie?

But, hey, it’s easier to bitterly cling to the caricatures you have in your head, isn’t it, Melanie?