As Twitchy reported, lying liar and Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, put the reprehensible icing on her own despicable cake today. She said that Benghazi wouldn’t be an issue, if it weren’t for that pesky Romney and Ryan. Four dead Americans? Whatever!

Bingo. All they are is fodder for spin, according to Cutter and other members of Team Obama. Twitter users are beyond disgusted. Happy warriors express their outrage and disgust, and gut Cutter as only they can.

A simple request, via hashtag.

That won’t happen, but the hashtag may continue. Not too long ago, there was also #FireLiarStef. Perhaps a resurgence?

And, the ball started rolling with the addition of the hashtag #Cuttersperspective.

Keep them coming, happy warriors. Hold her disgraceful feet to the fire.