Disgracefully, oh yes, he did. The House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing on the utter failures of the Obama administration in Libya.

During the hearing, Rep. Cummings (D-Md.) could not even remember the name of our murdered ambassador. Maybe he follows Geraldo Rivera and just knows Ambassador Stevens as that “dead dude.

For shame. Twitter users are rightfully disgusted and outraged.

Of course, President Obama is likely “leading” by example.

Once again, Democrats show their true colors. People, shmeople! They have a campaign to wage and stuff. Remember, forgetting the names of fallen heroes is nothing new to Democrats. Press secretary Carney could not remember Brian Terry’s name.  And neither could Nancy Pelosi.

Disgraceful is nothing new for Rep. Cummings as well. Hey, he’s consistent; Consistently disgraceful


Shame on you.