Yes, but that wasn’t their response. As Twitchy reported, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released two bombshell videos today. The videos exposed Obama campaign staffers facilitating and encouraging voter fraud. In multiple states; this is no isolated incident.

Silence. But, there is not silence from the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman Lamar Smith is demanding action.

Part of Rep. Smith’s statement, from The Daily Caller:

“Contrary to the statements of the Obama campaign staffer, voter fraud is neither ‘cool’ nor ‘hilarious,’” Smith added. “It is a very serious crime that undermines the integrity of our electoral process and threatens the future of our democracy. Obama campaign staffers who encouraged voters to violate the law and cast fraudulent ballots should be fired. And rather than seeking to block commonsense voter ID laws, the Obama administration should support efforts by states to ensure the integrity of our elections.”


And guess what else? Team Obama remains conspicuously silent. The Daily Caller received no answer to request for comments from DNC’s Brad Woodhouse. Nor from Ben LaBolt. Nor from the spokeswoman for the Department of Justice. And lookie here! Here is what Brad Woodhouse and Ben LaBolt are busy with instead.

#GottaVote? He means twice. At least.

OFA’s Ben LaBolt is far too busy obsessing over abortion. He’s been retweeting gems like this.

What criminal acts? Oh, look, Lady parts!

This Twitter liberal, of course, attempts to spin it away. But The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle smacks that right down. With, you know, truth and evidence.

The sane agree with Rep. Smith and are praising his words.

And we do. Thank goodness for happy warriors who continue to do the job that “real journalists” refuse to do.