The Left needs a new motto. Might we suggest “the boys who cried dog whistle?” Because, here they go again. Members of the media breathlessly tweeted Josh Romney’s remarks when introducing his father today.

Then came some editorializing with pearl-clutching “oohs.”

What context? Why isn’t it a wise choice of words? It’s true. President Obama is the Stompy Foot in Chief.

Oh, of course! Racist. Media lapdogs recently offered a new term for entry into the Handbook of Racial Code Words: Romney’s sons. You see, when Mitt Romney joked during the debate, “Look, I’ve got five boys.  I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it,” that was totally “sly racism.” Because, boys. Or something. It’s funny that liberals are the only people who hear a racist-y “boy” any time they look at President Obama.

Dog whistle, drink! Get out your decoder rings!

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis gets in on the decoding ring action.

As does Goldie Taylor, who was recently enraged by Governor Romney’s taxes. Because he paid too much.

Boy, again! Drink! Or don’t; y’all will get faced if you drink every time the Left tosses out the race card. Goldie then tries to paint it as also “out of touch” while trying to appear sane by pretending to take back her race card toss. Too late, toots. You can’t plant the seed then be all “well, I’m totally fair and stuff.”

Oh, really? Then why your race card-y pearl clutching over John Sununu? The shrieks of racism continue.

And a vile twist.

Disgusting. And here is some typical class warfare nonsense.

Wow. How tired and lame.

Bingo. It is all they have. They certainly can’t run on the obstinate child’s record now, can they?