Funny photo of Romney posing for photographs with students of... on Twitpic

The Associated Press, of course, snapped a rather, um, unfortunate photo of Governor Romney during his impromptu stop at an elementary school today.

Naturally, a BuzzFeed reporter jumped on the unflattering action.

Twitter users had fun with the captioning, as they like to do. Hey, we need to laugh or we will curl up into the fetal position and weep!

Zing! Good ones.

But, enter the unhinged libs.

Stay classy. And, you know, bigoted. Because here come the “magic underpants” remarks.

Geez Louise! Would y’all at least be more original with your bigoted remarks? You are not only hateful, but totally unoriginal. Also, many Obama cultist celebs have already beat you to the unhinged magic underpants rants. Try to keep up.