Heh. Last night, Kenneth Cole tweeted, “People gave $181 MIL to #obama in Sept. The same amt could buy 1,167,742 pairs of KC shoes ($155 each). What is wrong with our values?” The sane realized that tweet was a bit of snark in a marketing attempt. But, to the Left, it is cause for unhinged outrage. How dare he joke about The One? Plus, greedy shoe-seller! Trying to sell your products? Why, that’s unheard of!



Seriously! He’s going to cry!

He’s fretting. Over a joke tweet. He was probably unable to sleep, so he had to pull on his skinny jeans and take a walk down the block to get a soy chai. Other Obama cult members join in the freak-out.

Hatred and bigotry. Trying to sell shoes is now … racist! Time to update the Handbook of Racial Code Words again. New entry: shoe sales.


Probably even some icky banksters!

Ooooh, cue the ominous music. One chance, Kenneth. Until High Noon. Then just wait and see what happens!

The cuckoo pants continues.




To the unhinged, nothing is ever funny. Everything is an outrage!!!11111


Bitterly clinging to their lack of humor!

Kenneth Cole even retweeted that one.

Will that stop the freak-out?

Sigh. Will the humorless tolerance police bully him into apologizing? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: And the simpering (he hearts Obama!!!) clarification begins. Kenneth Cole was totally being ironic and stuff. Because, campaign finance reform.

How can he make shoes, what with all that drooling sycophancy to do?