Oh, for goodness sake. Bullied! Grow up. Secondly, oh, really, Nancy? Falsely reporting people as “spam” is a great feature? Abusing the flag as spam feature is a typical leftist move to silence dissent. It is used as a tool to get conservative Twitter accounts suspended. The user is put in Twitter Gulag and this is happening more and more.

That’s right, Nancy Sinatra is putting on her boots to bravely run away and abuse the spam feature. Why? As Twitchy reported, she recently tweeted, “I have said this before: Women who vote Republican are not paying attention. Please snap out of it before it’s too late.” Because, vagina or something. Women are not allowed to stray from the Democrat plantation. That does not suit.

Also not suiting? People expressing their opinions. In Nancy Sinatra’s world, diversity of thought is cause for blocking and false reports of spam. She’s encouraging the use of the flag-spam method of purging conservatives; they must be muzzled! Yet, her opinion, of course, must be respected.

She then admits once again that she is abusing the flag-spam system.


Because, racist?  Oh, honey. She then doubles-down on the idiocy.

Good grief! It’s people on the Left who constantly shriek about lady parts. President Obama’s campaign even reduced women to their girly bits only, saying “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Lady parts obsessed, heal thyselves.

And this Twitter user offers Ms. Sinatra some help for the systematic abuse of the flag-spam system, all in order to punish those with whom they disagree.

Ms. Sinatra is also blocking up a storm.


Typical, indeed. The motto of the Left: If you can’t beat them, try to silence them.