President Obama sure does have a laser-like focus … on your “lady parts!” President Obama held a rally in Virginia today and he used it to claim that now we are moving forward again because of the latest jobs report. Or something.

Really? Numbers are hard. Mitt Romney serves out a bit of truth.

Indeed. But that didn’t stop President Obama from rallying for delusions in Virginia today.

Oh, our sides! President Demagoguery is lecturing on political points? And he “feels your pain.”

Hurl. Twitter users aren’t buying it.

President Obama then pivoted to some sexist pandering and using of women, natch. That’s how he rolls.

Yeah, no, it’s not. But the truth doesn’t matter when you have “lady parts” in your laser-y sights.

Translation: That’s why he blew the debate. He wasn’t able to let out his misogynist to tell women to vote like their lady parts depend on it. Because, he has nothing else. He didn’t give anything, besides his shoes, attention, because he couldn’t.

He was far too busying flailing and floundering. If only he could have used women, as usual! Then he would have totally won the debate. Pesky women.

Then he uttered this knee-slapping line:

To quote Obama: “Uh … um …”

And from lady parts to Elmo.

Phoning it in, indeed.

And he’s laughing if you pick up the phone. You’ve come a long way, baby.