The desperation, it reeks! Like the bottom of a big, dirty birdcage! The sign itself is absurd: President Obama hearts the Wall Street bailouts and he’s certainly chummy with all the Goldman Sachs people in his administration. But, hey,  just slap some nonsense onto a sign and send Big Bird out. It can’t be worse than sending out Biden, can it? It’s panic mode time!

The DNC is joining Stephanie “Stefanocchio” Cutter and the always absurd “Truth Team”  in breathlessly touting Big Bird as the most pressing issue of our time. They really think this is an issue on which to campaign! The fact that “Sesame Street” actually is doing just fine is of no consequence. They have nothing left. Plus, you know, they aren’t able to ever put on their big boy pants. So, this kind of makes sense in that regard.

Oh, sweeties. Move aside and let the grown-ups get things done. Hint: This does not include President Obama, who also seems to think that setting his laser-like focus on Big Bird and Elmo is the path to victory.

He found that one so awesome, he repeated it at  a rally today.

Fellow idjit Andrea Mitchell thinks this is fabulous. Squee!

Finding his voice? The President of the United States prattling on about Big Bird? Oh, Andrea. Seek help.

If that’s his voice, no wonder we are in such a mess. Happy warriors on Twitter call this idiocy out for what it is.


And, who was that mystery man in the Big Bird costume? This Twitter user has the answer.

“Honest Joe” Biden. Now with even more preschool.