Actor Rob Lowe wasn’t kidding when he said that debates are like the Super Bowl to him. The sporty thingies talk continued, as he watched the debate and deemed it a “blood-letting” and tweeted #POTUSwiffs, #MittensSticks.” Oh, my! Epic snap for the win, Mr. Lowe.

Once again, Rob Lowe is refusing to toe the Hollywood leftist line and is calling it like he sees it. Quite refreshing, especially after the hilarious lib freak-outs over President Obama’s total fail last night. Rob Lowe was also not a fan of the moderator, though.

Mr. Lowe then worked in some “The West Wing” references. Boy, did President Obama need their advice last night!

“Uncle Fluffy” was how they referred to President Bartlett when he “wiffed” in debates.

And he retweeted another “The West Wing” style slam.

Ainsley Hayes was a Republican who became special counsel for Democrat President Bartlett. She was hired after beating Sam Seaborn, played by Rob Lowe, mercilessly on a debate-style show called “Capital Beat.”

Oh, double snap!

Keep the honesty coming, Rob Lowe.