Shorter Harry Shearer: Obama blew the debate. Because, vagina. Actor and comedian Harry Shearer took to Twitter to wonder if Obama totally threw the debate, because helpless, delicate women would be put off by anything but a floundering mess. Those poor dears don’t like icky things like debates. Egads! Get them to their fainting couches whilst clutching  their pearls!

Mr. Shearer’s followers took the offensive idiocy one step further. They decided his flailing was likely due to … you guessed it! Raaaacists, natch.

One Twitter user is as delusional as Obama and projected Obama’s fail onto Romney.

Bless his heart! Shearer is still worried, though. Those pesky ladies really messed Obama up!

Finally, some people who don’t see women solely as “lady parts” or damsels in distress weighed in.

By the Left, too? No, only by the Left. Take this as a teachable moment; the Left thinks women are stupid. The Left reduces women to the sum of their girly bits only. Did this Twitter user miss President Obama’s shameful and misogynist “vote like your lady parts depend on it” campaign move? To him and his fellow travelers, “lady parts” don’t include brains.

These Twitter users help to prove that once again.

Pesky women and their oh-so-delicate sensibilities! Why are they even watching the debate? Get back in that kitchen!

Real women won’t vote for Romney, you see. President Obama’s utter failure of a presidency? No matter! Because, vagina.

And this Twitter user takes the disgusting cake by equating the debate with rape.