Oh, lying liar who lies, Stephanie Cutter, is at it again. How do you know? Her sneering lips are moving.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Matt Drudge teased a tape that was set to come out last night. And come out it did. As usual, the lapdogs in the media immediately began stomping their paws. Look away, nothing to see here, you wingnutty nuts with wings! Also, raaacist!111

Yet, Team Obama felt the need to frantically try to cut and run and pin the blame for President Obama’s own words and actions … on Mitt Romney. Who had nothing to do with the tape’s release.

Also, you know, he did not say the things on the tape. President Obama did, which has DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse in a tizzy.


From CNN:

On the video, Cutter says, “I think allies to Mitt Romney are responsible. And I think that the Romney campaign should stand up and do the right thing and say that it was irresponsible to do something like that, particularly on the eve of the debate.”

Romney “secret tape?” Worst thing in the entire world, ever. And Romney’s fault. Obama tape? Nothing to see, a distraction. And Romney’s fault. Perhaps Ms. Cutter and Mr. LaBolt should read Jake Tapper’s report at ABC, since they are clearly afraid to actually watch the tape.

Jake Tapper also reports that Ben LaBolt pulls the old “distraction” nonsense as well.

In response, the Obama campaign said the release of the clips are a “transparent attempt” by “Mitt Romney’s allies” to change the subject from the GOP nominee’s secretly recorded comments that 47 percent of voters are dependent and believe “they are victims.”

“The only thing shocking about this is that they apparently think it’s wrong to suggest that we should help returning veterans, children leaving foster care and other members of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent get training that will allow them to find the best available jobs.  If the Romney campaign believes that Americans will accept these desperate attacks tomorrow night in place of specific plans for the middle class, it’s they who are in for a surprise,” campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a written statement.

Distraction? Desperation gambit? Those terms must be Newspeak for truth.

And there we go. Once again the lapdogs are enabling the ridiculous spin from Team Obama and are trying to make it all about Romney instead.

Oh, our sides! A member of the press would have to put down his or her Team Obama pom-poms first. And then how would he or she make captain of the squad, silly? Soledad is certainly trying her hardest to make captain.

Bless her heart! Soledad exposes her lapdoggery further in an exchange with Republican Barbara Comstock as well.

Hmm. Why the blatant enabling by the press today?

Lapdogs don’t like getting caught burying bones in the backyard. This became even more obvious last night.


That’s right. The first reaction of members of the media is to demand action from Romney. For things that President Obama did and said.


Indeed. As for Stephanie Cutter, isn’t there a few things she’d like to denounce?

Nope. She will just keep lying, over and over. And the media will let her.