Unreal. What a way to thank our brave soldiers for their incredible service to this country. Go fight for us, and for freedom, but forget about that pesky fundamental right to vote. Voting? Military need not apply.

Shameful, indeed. As reported by the MacIver Institute, at least 30 municipalites in Wisconsin did not send absentee ballots before the 45 day deadline. Anthony Principi, former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs is demanding action from the Government Accountability Board, and rightly so.

The indispensable John Hayward at Human Events has more:

“This violation is particularly unsettling in light of the fact that, only six months ago, a federal court entered a consent decree against Wisconsin and the Government Accountability Board for similar violations of military voting rights,” Principi pointed out.  He said these violations “may deprive service members of their fundamental right to vote.”

Principi wrote on behalf of the Romney campaign, which has asked the Government Accountability Board to push back the deadline for receiving absentee military ballots, to fully account for the failure of these Wisconsin municipalities to send them by the prescribed date.  The GAB says this would require a court order.

And if that isn’t bad enough, he goes on to report on another military absentee ballot debacle in Wisconsin discovered just last week. The Federal Voting Assistance Program failed to give Wisconsin service members the correct deadline for submitting their absentee ballots. You know, if they are lucky enough to even get them on time. The date it listed on its website was seven days after the deadline! By “Assistance Program,” perhaps they mean Suppression Program.

Citizens are infuriated. Our men and women in uniform deserve to have their votes counted, always.



It’s happening in Virginia and other battleground states, too.

More from Fox News:

Requests from military voters for absentee ballots have dropped significantly since 2008, according to newly released statistics, prompting claims that the Department of Defense is dragging its feet in enacting a law meant to boost military voting.

The drop in the battleground states of Virginia and Ohio is among the most pronounced. According to statistics released Monday by The Military Voter Protection Project, the number of absentee ballot requests by both military members and other overseas voters in the two states has dropped 70 percent since 2008.

How convenient. For President Obama.


Another lapdog disgrace. Yet, they’ll have breathless reports about the GOP for simply wanting to require photo identification when voting. Because, raaaaaciiiist!!!111

This is actual suppression. Where are the cries from  Ellen BarkinMichael MooreJoe Biden, the NAACPAttorney General Eric Holder and his apologists, Rep. Keith Ellison, and other unhinged leftists?

Our finest and bravest are being disenfranchised under Obama’s watch. This is more than a shameful disgrace. This is an outrage.



The Heroes Vote Initiative: Combating military voter suppression