That’s right. Vice President Biden was actually correct for once. In North Carolina today, he said that the “middle class has been buried for four years.”

Hmm. And who has been in charge those four years, Joe?

Oh noes. Biden is slipping up and telling the truth. Team Obama will be rethinking that whole Biden unleashed strategy. Will he be sent home for a time-out again? Stay tuned.

Twitter users were buzzing with the news of Biden’s gift to Romney.

And the video tape!

God love ya!


Later, news came that GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be addressing Biden’s slam of Obama and himself.

Um, lapdog Chuck? Why wouldn’t they? Biden is telling the truth for once.

And, BOOM.

Zing! That’s right. If we want to stop burying the middle class, we need to give Obama and Biden the heave-ho.