Obama’s (never tell the) Truth Team tweeted out one of its most ludicrous tweets of all time, perhaps because they are running scared from #BenghaziGate. The Truth Team account had the utter gall to tweet out a lapdog article from The Washington Post titled, “Romney’s weakness on foreign policy.” As predicted, the Obama cheerleading squad in the media are helping Team Obama with #Benghazigate cover-up.

Oh, our aching sides! We can always count on the “Truth” Team for giggles; Giggle-snorting is our cardio! Other sane people on Twitter were also gasping for breath.

More sane folks tried to explain a little something about the abject failure that is Obama.

Yes, what about that? What about all the condemning of free speech?

Why don’t you read up on that, Lie Team? Actor Rob Lowe also wants to know.


Four murdered Americans are bumps in the road. They don’t want to talk about that, much like the media tried to brush it aside.

Canoodling and hawking sweatshirts. That’s Obama being “strong” on foreign policy, evidently.


And constant lies, including by Ambassador Rice. For days and days.



But, you know, the “future doesn’t belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam“, says President Obama. That’s more than weak. That’s reprehensible and opposed to the principles upon which this nation was founded.

The account then went on to tweet some nonsense about what people should know about Mitt Romney.


Bingo. That’s the actual truth. And Americans know it, despite the pitiful spin coming from a team of liars and its media sycophants.