Oh, dear! The pander attempts are in full swing this morning. Perhaps in the wake of Univision’s Operation Fast and Furious special?

Pander. Pander like the wind! And they do, pathetically. Democrat politicians took to Twitter to spread ludicrous nonsense about the DREAM Act.

And Obama cult member Eva Longoria joins in.

As does the always shameless and shameful Nanny Bloomberg.

How much pixie dust is included in the DREAM act? Are unicorn horns included as well? We heard those are super magical!


Oh, our aching sides! The Center for American Progress! That’s almost on par with lying liar who lies Stephanie Cutter using the state-run propagandist media of China as a source!

Citizens on Twitter swiftly smack-down the delusions and outright lies spouted by the Democrat master tangled web-weavers.


Yes, how can that be? Senator Reid claims there are no illegals in the workforce in Nevada! More from Hot Air:

VOICEOVER: We told Senator Reid of a Pew Hispanic Center study showing 17% of all construction workers are here illegally.

REID: That may be someplace, but it’s not here in Nevada.

VOICEOVER: But their latest 2009 numbers show that Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of unauthorized immigrants in the labor force.

Huh. Weird!

The drubbing continues:




And not just Senator Reid.

All the alleged top Democrats, union goons, and a Hollywood sycophant, are pushing the lies today. The absurd #DreamEconomy hashtag won’t help, liars. Instead of a fantasy land dream economy, based on delusions, pixie dust and lies, try focusing on the actual economy. But, then, you can’t.

President Obama’s presidency and Democrat policy fantasies have turned the economy into a nightmare, not a dream.