Heh. As Twitchy reported this morning, Joe Scarborough doubled-down on his liar pants ways. See, little Joe got caught deceptively framing and presenting a video of a Romney rally. He tried to push the deceitful narrative that the crowd was chanting “Ryan,” and Mitt Romney was forced to beg for “Romney” chants. He called it a “fake controversy” after being caught and absurdly tweet-muttered that he was taking down names! Oooh, scary!

Today, he topped that off by sneering in contempt at those who exposed his deceit. According to him, the “Cheetos brigade,” who should boycott him.

Well, the members of this brigade have a few things to tell little Joe.

It’s hard to boycott something that few watch, Joe. Bless your heart. Next, mocking hashtags enter the mix. Wear your brigade badge with pride!

Some who don’t eat Cheetos feel left out … what are they to do?

Is there a secondary Popcorn brigade perhaps? That might be a good one to start up; it’s fun to chomp on popcorn while watching sad, little Joe’s plummeting ratings.

Who will speak for the wonders of Cheetos? WHO?

Yes! As are Doritos and other fine snacks. Maybe that’s Joe’s problem? Does he snack on hummus whilst sipping a soy chai? That would make anyone bitter and delusional after some time, wouldn’t it?

And “just a blogger” Ace of Spades enters with the best drubbing yet:

What happens when you cross giggling and swooning? Giggle-swoon.

That’s right! If “just bloggers” can munch on Cheetos while holding lapdog paws to the fire, then more power to them. Long live the #CheetosBrigade, who will not go gentle into that good night. Orange-coated fingers and all!

Update: Ace comes back for more; Cheetos do leave you hungry an hour later!

Yep! And why did he facepalm, exclaiming “Sweet Jesus,” if there was no Ryan chant in text at all in the first place?