Oh, dear. The now former communications director for Florida Democrat congressional candidate Keith Fitzgerald, Ana Marie Rosato, isn’t too great at that whole communicating like a normal person thing. Her blog, and a podcast, have gotten her in hot water.

She had been on the job for four days.

Sandra Fluke just proudly stood by Mr. Fitzgerald.

Huh. For the women! Unless, of course, it’s GOP women. Or women who don’t enjoy being the subjects of  raunchy, hate-filled rants.

From her blog post:

Look at the evidence. Republicans damned sure aren’t acting as if they routinely experience that kind of rip-your-clothes-off – as you – walk – through – the – door – can’t – w-a-i-t – to kiss – your lips – and feel – your hands – all – o-v-e-r – my body – that kind of physical – merging where pleasure, pure unadulterated pleasure takes over – where being – pleased – where pleasing – each other, taking-you-to-new-heights-of-sheer – can’t catch-my-breath – orgasmic ecstasy pulses through our veins – pure delight . . . . until . . . . ☺ oh yeah, baby.
Wait a sec . . . b-r-e-a-t-h-e . . .

The kind of sex I just described? You have to experience it to understand it, to understand the power and joy, the word-escaping orgasmic ecstasy of it all. How tragic that when it comes to that lovely ecstasy, Republicans act as if they have lived their entire lives never, ever, ever coming close. (Puns quite intended.)

Stay classy, Democrats! Yet another liberal woman who is obsessed with sex and girly bits. It’s so very, very sad.

Ms. Rosato then goes on to blather about how obsessed Republicans are with sex. As she obsesses over sex. You can still listen to the audio here:

Back in April, she had a Catholic-bashing blog post titled, “Catholic Bullies and their Blackmail Beatitude.” Guess that wasn’t a problem for Keith Fitzgerald, huh? He hired her after that.

Her Twitter feed is a hot mess as well.



ReTHUGlicans! Drink!

Oh, yeah, she also wanted Erickson fired for merely  joking about “The Vagina Monologues.” But what she did is totally hunky-dory.


Hypocrite, heal thyself.

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