Lying after attacks is a pattern for the Obama administration. Today, the likes of Obama adviser David Plouffe continue to try to lie over #BenghaziGate and the media is enabling a cover-up. The administration lied for over a week. Over and over.

More from The Weekly Standard:

This, more than anything, is the problem with the administration’s response. It wasn’t that they failed to provide enough information to the public, but that they provided incorrect information and did so long after it was clear to many in the intelligence community that the political narrative was false.

There are two possible explanations. Either the information widely available to intelligence professionals was not shared with those speaking on behalf of the president. Or those Obama administration officials had the accurate information and chose not to provide it.

The thing is, this isn’t even new for President Obama nor his administration. As The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes shows, the Obama administration is like a broken record of lies. They have a pattern of not telling the truth after attacks.

A pattern. That the lapdogs in the mainstream media ignore. By doing so, they are complicit in the lies. Will they continue aiding cover-ups?

Twitter users agree and have more questions that need answers.

Bingo. Liz Cheney is right again. It’s see no evil and also lie like the wind. President Obama shamefully said that the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Well, President Obama, what about those who excuse barbaric acts and who have a pattern of attempting to cover up their own failures by lying to the American people?

The future does not belong to a second Obama term. Our safety depends on it.