As Twitchy reported, the lies about the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans keep coming from the Obama administration. As predicted, the press is frantically trying to ignore. Not one of the Sunday ledes mention #Benghazigate. Not one. What they do mention? What about Romney’s gaffes?1111111 Also, he’s rich and stuff. For example:

7:35 am ET

New York Times: “Romney Shifted Right on Energy as Presidential Politics Beckoned”

Washington Post: “For Romney, Wealth Means Both Freedom and a Trap”

An attempted cover-up of a planned terrorist attack for political gain warrants no mention? To the lapdog media, nope.

The top story at the Associated Press right now:

At Reuters?

At NBC News:

CNN has no mention in US section. One mention of Libya in its politics section:

Twitter users point out what has become increasingly more obvious as lapdogs in the media continue to wave pom-poms for Team Obama.

We remember. And it was sickening.

They can’t. Y’all thought Biden was the second half of the Obama 2012 ticket? Nope. It is the mainstream media lapdogs. And now it isn’t just annoying, it’s potentially dangerous.