As Twitchy reported, earlier today the Israel embassy in USA sent an awesome mocking tweet to “Iran’s Supreme Leader’s” Twitter feed. See, Iran’s news agency had reported an Onion article. As news. Hilarious.

Twitter users swiftly jumped on the mock-wagon and began introducing themselves to Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei via his Twitter account. Free speech, baby! While our president may not think that the future belongs to free speech, American citizens do.

Indeed, he does. The incredible Brandon Darby got the ball rolling.

And others swiftly joined in.

Gracious introductions were made.

Of course, the Left wouldn’t want you to “offend” him by insulting him and hurting his feelings with your icky Jewish and gay cooties.

The ridicule continues.

And, win:


Keep exercising your free speech, Twitter!