Criminy! The former “Seinfeld” star shows that he is not the master of his domain. He is more like the master of no-brain. As Twitchy reported, he was all aflutter over heading to Iowa to shill for Obama. This afternoon, he further exposed his idiocy by proclaiming the free market to be super icky.

Plus, the “1 percent” can give more.

Hmm. Did he not get the memo? He is supposed to be outraged that Mitt Romney paid too much in taxes. Sheesh, Jason! Get with the unhinged program.

Twitter users try to help the flailing actor out with a dose of reality.

No, no. It’s all the fault of the free market. Well, and the second amendment. Free market supporters (you know, Americans) are likely unpatriotic, too, in Mr. Alexander’s alleged mind.