As always, stay classy, libs! Bristol Palin returned to “Dancing with the Stars,” this time for “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars,” and the unhinged lib venom was spewed right on predictable cue.

On Monday night, her mother tweeted a photo of Bristol and her son backstage.

Beautiful. Unless you are bitter and unhinged, that is.

The vile continues:

During last night’s show, Bristol Palin was trending and it brought out the disgusting.

Bristol is in fabulous shape and looks absolutely stunning. Even that is just another reason for vicious libs to spew hate.

From Facebook:

GOOD MORNING ANGELS … Talent less Fame whore and Bareback advocate Bristol Palin says she was able to lose weight by cutting all the “crap” out of her diet. That’s right. Now the only junk she lets into her system leaves her pregnant.

Sarah Palin, gracious as always, thanked fans who voted for Bristol last night.

That, again, was cause for more trips to the haterade keg.

Talk show host Wendy Williams dared to compliment Bristol, which does not suit, to the insane.


Vile. And totally predictable. War on Women? It comes from the Left, always.